Brent Morse

Senior Associate
Retail, Restaurants & Investment Sales

With over ten years in the real estate industry, Brent initially came in the industry working with numerous residential developers.

Based from a sales and marketing firm out of Chicago, he was responsible for creating programs to offer investors in Central Florida, based off negotiations with the developers utilizing their pro-formas. He would then develop and structure national and international sales and marketing programs to penetrate various markets of investor groups.

As the funding and market change in the industry occurred, he then concentrated on the sale and acquisitions of distressed commercial and residential properties, while assisting in the disposition of bank assets.

Brent eventually associated with groups that established relationships with developer associations and court ordered receiverships of communities to coordinated the sale and purchase of delinquent assets.

With already strong ties with foreign and domestic markets, he now assists in the acquisitions and management of residential and commercial properties. Leveraging these pipelines, it only seemed logical to team up with one of Central Florida’s strongest commercial real estate firms, Millenia Partners and Grandstaff Management.

Utilizing the firm’s presence and experience, he is able to provide his client’s with informative and essential market changes and strategize the best and most effective way for buying and selling entities to position themselves with investments that meet the parameters of their buying and selling objectives.

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